Why is heel height important?

Squat based movements can be completed more efficiently with a raised heel. It provides a mechanical advantage that increases available ankle range of motion and makes it easier to squat with good form. This allows athletes to squat deeper, maintain a more upright posture, and drive more power through the heels.

When it comes to increasing heel height there are a few options:

1. Place a bumper plate under your heels (not safe or recommended, hard to complete a wod this way)

2. Purchase weightlifting shoes (can be expensive, heavy, not very wod friendly)

3. Combine wodLIFTS with your favorite training shoe (our preferred approach!)

Do I have to use wodLIFTS in a specific type of shoe?

wodLIFTS are meant to be used in shoes that are designed for functional fitness (Metcon, Nano, Innov-8, New Balance, No Bull, etc). This combination will limit the amount of energy lost through compression of the sole and ensure you have a stable base for all lifting movements.

What would the heel height of my shoe be if I used wodLIFTS?

wodLIFTS add approximately ½ inch (13mm) of heel height to your training shoe.  To determine the heel height for a specific shoe, combine the height of the wodLIFTS with the drop in your shoe (shoe drop info).  As a rule of thumb though, you can expect to have an effective heel height of around ¾ of an inch.  This height is similar to most weightlifting shoes and will allow you to more efficiently execute squat based movements (Olympic lifts, Wall Balls, Pistols, Thrusters, etc.).

Who would benefit from using wodLIFTS?

The short answer is all functional fitness athletes would benefit from adding wodLIFTS to their training kit.

Newer Athletes – Achieving an appropriate squat depth can be difficult and not every athlete wants to invest in weightlifting shoes. wodLIFTS provide a cost-effective solution that will provide immediate performance gains during strength training and metcon workouts.

Competitive Athletes – Use wodLIFTS to perform better during programming that combines squat and agility based movements. Moving more efficiently during pistols, overhead squats, or any other squat based movement can translate to significant gains over the course of a workout

Traveling Athletes – Dropping in to a box when traveling is always better when you perform well.  wodLIFTS give you an easy to pack tool that will up your game.