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1. Instructions Step 1Loosen the shoe laces and hold the tongue of the shoe in an upward position. When possible, lift inner sole of the shoe.
2.Instructions Step 2Insert wodLIFTS into the shoe and make sure it is positioned in the rear portion of the heel.
3.Instructions Step 3Replace the inner sole and hold the inner sole and wodLIFTS in place with thumb.
4.Instructions Step 4Slide foot into the shoe and make sure the heel and wodLIFTS are positioned in the rear of the shoe.
5.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATighten all laces paying particular attention to the ones closest to the ankle and tie the shoe


  • If insole is glued in place, many times it can be removed by gently peeling the insole back
  • Some minimal shoes will not have a removable insole and the use of wodLIFTS is not limited to shoes with removable insoles
  • When sized properly the insert will stop prior to the ball of the foot.
  • Using all the eyelets closest to the ankle is recommended when lacing the shoes
  • All laces should be snug with the shoe tied tightly for best results
  • Use in shoes that are stretched out from repeatedly removing the without untying the laces can cause a poor fit
  • Please use the “Contact Us” page if you have any fitting or usage questions