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My wodLifts just bought me a big PR on Nancy. I hated to run in my Olys. These gave me the comfort of my Nanos with the needed lift for the overhead squats. Great balance that delivered results!!

Steve, Crossfit Athlete

I just wanted you guys to know that I have been working on ankle flexibility and wodLIFTS have been a lifesaver! Comfortable enough to run/jump in during WOD’s, but they still provide those few extra degrees of incline to help me with my limited dorsiflexion. Money well spent!

Brandie, Crossfit Athlete

Got mine in Monday for 14.2…Must say these are worth their weight in gold! It’s enough stability to notice a huge difference but not limiting the shoe to prevent running. These have earned a place in my bag!

Andrew, Crossfit Athlete

Got mine yesterday and used them for the first time today.  Loved them.  Had Power cleans and squats in a wod and used my Nano 3.0’s – so much more stability. Would definitely recommend.

Eric, Crossfit Athlete

I was finally able to use the wodLIFTS this weekend and again today. This weekend I had a huge chipper which included pistols along with many other movements. Due to my ankle having limited mobility I have to wear Oly’s for pistols. This weekend I was able to do everything in the chipper with my Nano 3.0 and wodLIFTS inserts. Thank you for my new tool.

Danny, Crossfit Athlete/Competitor

Getting my Olympic lifting form down was really difficult for me when I started Crossfit. My coach suggested that I get lifting shoes to help my ankle mobility. But between my monthly membership and other expenses, it just wasn’t possible. A couple months later, I tried wodLIFTS.  The results were great and my form improved.

Joshua, Crossfit Athlete

In the past, I used 2 ½ pound plates to work with athletes who struggled with squat depth.  Lately, I’ve been using wodLIFTS and they are a much better.  They are a great option for members who want to improve Olympic lifts but are not interested in investing in separate Oly shoes.

Audrey, Crossfit Coach

I travel for work and when I’m on the road I try to visit a local box when time allows. I would never have room in my suitcase for both my training shoes and my oly shoes. Now that wodLIFTS are part of my kit, I bring them on the road with me and my lifting doesn’t suffer.

Joel, Crossfit Athlete/Road Warrior

I recently used my wodLIFTS for a workout similar to “Nancy”. It was 800m runs and squat snatches. They were so helpful! A run of that distance with anything but running shoes would be difficult. But snatching in training shoes can be ugly. My wodLIFTS provided me the stability I needed for the snatches and allowed me to wear shoes that were comfortable to run in. It was the perfect combo.

Jane, Crossfit Coach/Competitor