The WOD Alternative to Weightlifting Shoes

wodLIFTS are shoe inserts that turn normal training shoes into WOD killers. By adding the heel height typically only found in Olympic weightlifting shoes to your daily training shoes, wodLIFTS allow athletes to tackle programming that combines squat based movements (Olympic Lifts, Wall Balls, Pistols, Thrusters, etc.) and agility movements (Interval Runs, Double Unders, Box Jumps, etc.) more efficiently.

Get Low – The additional heel height provided by wodLIFTS increases ankle dorsiflexion the same way as lifting shoes. This allows for more depth in squats, keeps the torso more upright during movements, and drives more force through the heels.

Not Slow – While lifting shoes have been around forever, the unique requirements of functional fitness are relatively new in comparison. Functional fitness athletes are regularly presented with programming that includes movements that are more efficiently executed with a raised heel, but also includes agility movements which are more difficult in a heavy/rigid lifting shoe. Now you can attack WODs without having your shoes compromise performance.

All types of functional fitness athletes benefit from adding wodLIFTS to their gym bag.

Newer athletes – Achieving an appropriate squat depth can be difficult and not every athlete wants to invest in lifting shoes. wodLIFTS provide a cost-effective solution that will provide immediate performance gains during strength training and metcon workouts.

Advanced athletes – Use wodLIFTS to perform better during programming that combines squat and agility based movements. Moving more efficiently during pistols, overhead squats, or any other squat based movement can translate to significant performance gains over the course of a workout.

Traveling athletes – Everyone knows dropping in to a box on the road is always better when you perform well. wodLIFTS give you an easy to pack tool that will allow you to up your game.

Product Reviews

“Test drove a new toy yesterday by @wodlifts. I’m a fan of versatility especially for athletes who are only looking to adopt weightlifting as a smaller piece of a much larger fitness lifestyle. And let’s face it, if I don’t have to make a decision between…” (read more)

“Nano’s…or Oly shoes…what a dilemma. I know we’ve all thought this to ourselves while the coach writes the WOD on the white board. You hope to never see some kind of heavy Oly lift or overhead squats paired with box jumps, double unders and…” (read more)

“Ever wish that your Nanos or Inov8s had a little more height for WODs? I ran across wodLIFTS recently – they’re an insert for your minimalist functional fitness shoes…”(read more)

Whether you are competing at the games, or against friends at the box, wodLIFTS will improve your performance and allow you to compete at your best.